Bandung city tourism nature

Bandung city tour one of nature that is located in West Java. With the natural beauty of nature, you can stop by in this town.

Hotel in South Jakarta. There are quite a lot of hotels in Bandung South, most of the hotel here is smaller and does not semewah amenities hotels in Bandung or Jakarta in Bandung.

Patengan there.

There Patenggang Bandung Is a natural lake, located in the tea plantation ranca bali, around 47 km from the city of Bandung. Tour of the area is cool and fresh tube, very far from the pollution. Along the lake there are many boats that can be rented to tourists encircle the lake. Traveler Tips: Visiting this place should be in the morning until noon, because usually in the evening fog coming down already. Fog patengan there is very strong even distance can view only 1-2 meters, so it will not look anything spectacular. To circumnavigate the lake to rent a boat you should make a fresh bid price first. Usually the price offered sektar Rp 10.000 s / d Rp. 15,000 / person.

White crater.

Still located in the area ranca Bali, around 44 km from the city or place in the wealthy village, district Pasir Jambu. white crater lake is a crater of the mountain with Patuha elevation 2434 meters above sea level. This crater is a crater with a sulfuric acid content in the world, because that is the Dutch colonial government had to build sulfur factory in this place. The uniqueness of this tour is the object kawahnya the white, the air is very cold in here can even achieve 0 – 2 degrees centigrade in some seasons. Traveler Tips: Just as there patengan in the afternoon in the cauldron of white down is usually a very dense fog. In addition to the sulfur content becomes very high so that the crater is often closed in the afternoon.

Garden Strawberry.

Garden Strawberry Tourism strawberry quotation at this time that tourism is a very tune by tourists. Strawberry is a product of superior agro Bandung regency, especially in the area Ciwidey. In this area there are many gardens to the traditional strawberry garden with professional management. You are free to choose which of your garden and pluck senangi own directly. Traveler Tips: Strawberry thus there is a good quality outside of the rainy season, as does the easy damaged / rotten often get wet if it rains. When you come in during the rainy season, you should choose a closed garden strawberry / green house use.


Ciwidey area is very rich in hot springs. One of them used by the Perum Perhutani Cimanggu as a swimming pool. Swimming Cimanggu have parking area, where children play, etc..


Like Cimanggu, Ciwalini also utilize pelimpahnya source of natural hot springs. Swimming pool environment is in the tea plantation Walini cool. Traveler Tips: Cimanggu pond and wide area parkirnya + equipped with a playground of children, but ciwalini water has a more clear ..

Ranca upas.

A complex earth camp in the area around the plant Eucalyptus, a kind of plant that originated from the continent Australia. This region is 41 km from the city of Bandung, and is located at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, with the air temperature average 18 degrees centigrade. In this place, there are deer that are penangkaran attraction for tourists.

Cileunca there.

Cileunca there is a lake in the area Pangalengan. Lake is a lake made of the extent of 1400 Ha is surrounded by hills and mountain background. In addition to working as a tour onjek interesting, there Cileunca also serves as a source of water for power plant. Water flowed from the lake through rivers Palayangan, which is also often used as an arena-ber rafting / rafting.

Tea Garden Malabar.

Mount Malabar has a natural fascination with tea plantations that cool the air naturally, it is very suitable for sporting activities walking / tea walk while recreational ber. In the middle of the plantation there were various ancient buildings are still well, such as guest house, administratur housing estates in the colonial period up to the cemetery map BOSSCHA.

The Hot Cibolang.

Wana a tourist hot water bathing, which is natural in the jungle adjacent to the tea gardens. Located at the foot of Mount Wayang elevation 1500 meters above sea level, with the temperature range 18 degrees centigrade. Very suitable for family tourism facility with a full enough.


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